Apr 26, 2010

Jacob Jugashvili: The more we leave Stalin behind the nearer we get to Hitler

Dictator or leader? Which was the real Stalin? Why is his grandson Yevgeni Jugashvili suing Novaya Gazeta and Ekho Moskvi? GT has interviewed Stalin’s great-grandson Jacob Jugashvili.

Q: How can you defend the reputation of Stalin?

A: Stalin’s epoch and Stalin’s role in it are two different things.

Stalin is called a dictator and is blamed what he did not do and couldn’t possibly do due to his position. A dictator has real power and controls the state structures in order to make the social, political and other structures of the country do what he wants. Stalin had no state post before 1941, not one policeman or solider was subordinate to him, but he was a leader. His colleagues trusted him because Stalin was not born in 1924 and they had come through the revolutionary struggle together. The structure of collegiate rule showed that everything Stalin said or wrote was true and put in practice.

Q: There are two opinions about Stalin. He is still worshiped by some in Georgia, while others condemn him. What did Stalin do for Georgia, good or bad?

A: I am very much against discussing Stalin in terms of Georgia or even Russia; he was the leader of the Soviet Union. Unlike the present day Russia and Georgia the Soviet Union served its people. Stalin should be considered as a unifying force, not only by the people of Russia and Georgia but all the people under the pressure of Western fascist marionettes.

Q: A memorial monument has been built for the Poles who were shot in Katyn during Stalin's rule. What do you think about this?

A: I will tell you some interesting things about Poland. In 1934 (after the Nazis had taken power in Germany) Poland became an official ally of Germany. In summer 1938, when Germany annexed Austria, Poland did not fulfill its obligations to its ally France and did not oppose the German invasion of Austria. In autumn of the same year under the Munich Agreement not only Germany swallowed Czechoslovakia but Poland too grabbed the Cieszyn region of Czechoslovakia.

Poland knew this would happen but did not agree it even with the parties to the Munich pact. Poland then wrecked talks with the Soviet Union, France and Great Britain about forming an anti-Hitler pact. On 1 September of the same year Germany invaded Poland and on 10 September the patriots, Government and Generals of Poland leave Polish territory and its people proudly and bravely.

On 13 April 1943 Goebbels, in order to split the Soviet Union from its allies, declared that in 1940 Soviet jews had shot several thousand Polish officers. Two days later, on 15 April, exiled head of the Polish Government and ally of Britain Sikorski publicly confirmed Goebbels' statement without making any investigation or giving any facts.

In 1944 the British plotted to land forces in Norway to cut off the Germans in the Baltic. But the Germans found out about this. English patience ran out and in 1944 a plane Sikorski was flying from Morocco to England came down in the Straits of Gibraltar. Only the English pilots survived, Sikorski and his daughter died.

The Polish Government of that time betrayed all its allies (even its own people) and thus provoked the Second World War. Goebbels' propaganda trick brought 1.8 million volunteers into the German Army, prolonged the war and increased the sacrifice.

The issue of Katyn came to the fore again in 1989 when traitors were running the Soviet Union. They wanted to dismantle the Soviet Union and one of the essential means of doing so was to tear up the Warsaw Pact. Poland would then join NATO.

Now the fascist West needs the issue of Katyn to force the Russian Federation to pay it compensation. I have studied the material on this issue and it has convinced me that the Germans shot the Poles in the Forest of Katyn near Smolensk in 1941 when they controlled Smolensk. Today everyone blames the Soviet Union for shooting Polish people at Katyn and uses the issue to further their political career or for other purposes. These people are the spiritual children of Goebbels and I consider them my personal enemies.

The format of our conversation does not give me the opportunity to go further into this issue, which is why I advise people who still have dignity and clear thinking to read Yuri Mukhin’s book “Katynsky Detektiv”, his film “Katynskaya Podlost” and his latest book, “Sud Nad Stalinim” in which Yuri Mukhin, Sergey Strigin and Vladislav Shved, who have investigated this issue, present their arguments. I want to excite the curiosity of your readers by telling them that there are 49 signs of forgery discovered in the papers from the Special Folder #1.

Q: Do you see the collapse of the Soviet Union as a negative thing? Do you not think that this was one of the darkest periods of Georgia’s history?

A: Yes, it was a dark period. The cannibal Communists created such unbearable conditions that the population of Georgia increased from 2.7 million (according to data from 1913) to 6.7 million (according to 1986 Soviet data), of which 70 percent were Georgians. An unprecedented horror was inflicted on the education system, it was free of charge and one of the best in the world. But this is nothing compared to the cruelty called free healthcare. Not only hospitals but also medical-sanitation system (sanatoriums, cottages, pioneer camps etc) were free. I agree that this was really a genocide of the Georgian people. Now lets speak without irony.

The Soviet Union, like any other country, was not immune to crises. These are normal to all kind of human societies. But it did not look like other countries because its philosophy was rather progressive. Hence it threatened other kind of crises. The trouble with the Soviet Union was that the leading force of the Soviet Union, the Communist Party, turned into the shelter of the parasites. Stalin understood this very well as early as in 1936, when he sought to limit the power of the party. Stalin presented a constitution in 1936 which would have allowed not only members of the Communist Party but non-members to participate in elections.

Stalin campaigned against the “oligarchs”(the first secretaries of the regional party organizations) of the party. He lost this battle but survived. Stalin still tried to oppress them at the 19th Congress in 1952, but unfortunately this attempt cost him his life. He was killed. The direct successor of Stalin was Khrushev’s anti-Stalin campaign, which was nothing more than the masking of this crime by halting the reforms launched by Stalin and his closest comrades like Beria.

The Communist Party became a nest of non-Communists. Why are we surprised that today the words “Communist” and “Bolshevik” are terms of abuse? I believe wise and honest people were trying to cure the ills of the Soviet Union, but foolish and dishonest people wanted to wreck it.

Q: Your father Evgeny Jugashvili sued Novaya Gazeta…

A: Today we do not have normal conditions for discussions in Russia and it is impossible to demand that any person or mass media outlet be held responsible for their words. We used the court as an alternative forum for discussion. We got an unprecedented result because the process revealed the true nature of the anti-Stalinists. They had no arguments to defend their positions with.

Q: Now you have brought a second court case about Stalin…

A: At this moment a second case is underway against Ekho Moskvi, which stated that "Stalin signed a secret order according to which the death penalty must be applied to all juveniles above the age of 12 and charged with serving as "enemy of people" and other offences. Just think what kind of nonsense Ekho Moskvi is preaching. If this “order” (as they call it) was secret how did the court manage to pass the sentence? I will not make further comment. Let us wait for the court hearing.

Q: How did you assess Merabishvili’s statement in his interview with Kommersant about offering the Russians money to blow up Stalin’s monument in Gori?

A: Stalin’s monument was not the issue. The truth and immortality of Stalin gives these people no rest. As someone once said, “the more we leave Stalin behind the nearer we get to Hitler”. Western world is heading towards a new hitler and with its Georgian lap-dogs pushes us in the same direction.

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